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Our innovative web-based WealthVisionSMplanning system helps us to efficiently collect and analyze your financial data, enhance goal planning and goal measurement, and track progress against your goals on an ongoing basis. This fully integrated planning system helps to provide you with a comprehensive view of your financial picture, no matter where you are or where your assets sit. It can help you consolidate and integrate the various areas of your financial life in real time, and can provide paper-based or electronic reports that can be viewed 24/7.

WealthVisionSM provides:

  • Scenario planning – from single-goal or event analysis, such as retirement, or an unexpected death or disability, to a comprehensive financial plan, our system provides a platform for analyzing your options and charting your unique course to pursuing your goals.
  • A comprehensive, aggregated view of all of your financial assets (including bank accounts, retirement plan assets, brokerage, mutual fund, annuity, insurance and 529 plans) in one place.
  • Real time asset values for your financial plan across multiple accounts and advisors.
  • A secure, online vault for storing critical documents and information, including your estate planning documents, insurance policies, income tax returns, passports and photos of valuable assets.
  • A method for tracking spending, resulting in a consistently clear understanding of your spending and saving over the last month, the last year or anywhere in between. It also provides a platform for categorizing spending which can help with budgeting and tax planning.

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